2007 SysAdmin of the Year?

He does so much: Managers servers, manage the desktops and laptops, plus helps us figure out how to use iTunes or our iPods. Plus we have a kick-ass interoffice chat system that is secure and easy to use. . – FB

Don can fix anything. Really. A problem sent to him is finished. That’s the end of that problem. We work in a mid-sized Family Law firm in Portland, Oregon and run an all Apple system. I know this is a rarity, as people call from all over the country call to seek advice from Don (after an article about our firm was placed on the Apple website). So, not only does Don help this company to run more effectively and effciently, he helps companies all around the country. Aside from his complete competency, he also happens to be an easy going, humerous person who makes the office more enjoyable each day. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have working as our System Administrator than Don Kruse, and I’ve worked with a few good ones.. – FH

Don makes our world work. We are completely reliant on our computers to even know our name. If there is an issue, it is fixed, sometimes before we even know there was a problem. Don has an unique ability to explain complex computer jagon in english so that we can learn what we are doing wrong and how to stop it. Don is also approachable with questions and concerns and he is always looking for ways to make our system work better.
As a working mother, Don made it possible for me to have complete access to the computer system from home so that I can be here and there at the same time. He is our life raft. – DL

I think Don would make an awesome candidate for SysAdmin of the year because he is a patient, level-headed individual. He flys from the Portland office all the to the Bend office to fix any office product bugs we come across. He never gets irritated or half-asses the office maitenance problems we have, even if they are simple problems that could have been fixed by us originally. We really appreciate his dedicated, hard-working IT skills or the office would one big electrical mess. THANKS! – CS

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