How to Shoot Your Own Foot!

Starting on Nov. 4 you may have had trouble launching IE for Mac. If the default home page is the browser will not be able to load the page. I don’t know if this is Microsoft’s way of saying “screw you” to all the Mac users who are still foolish enough to use their free browser or if its because the MSN team just isn’t aware that there are still Mac users out there.

If you have encountered this issue you probably found that there doesn’t appear to be anyway to undo the default home page chosen by IE and you have lost valuable hours of your life deleting preferences, cache files, and such. It turns out you simply need to disconnect your Mac from the internet (unplug the ethernet cable or turn off your AirPort) and then launch IE, change the default home page to ANYTHING that is non-Microsoft, and you should then be good to go. Reconnect to the internet, launch IE, and browse the internet as before.

If I really loved you I would advise you to NEVER use IE for Mac again, it hasn’t been updated in 2-years and all the OTHER browsers are updated frequently, both with bug fixes and new features. I strongly recommend you use the latest version of Safari or Firefox. Opera, Netscape, Mozilla and Camino are all Mozilla-based browsers like Firefox but they have focused on either loading pages with blazing speed (Opera and Camino) or by being a full suite of internet applications (Netscape and Mozilla). The full suite applications take care of your web browsing, email, newsgroups, and web page creation all in one integrated package. All of these are free.

Microsoft has indicated that IE for Mac is not likely to ever be updated to version 7 but who cares (a new version 7 for Windows is due out very soon)? There are so many good browsers out their for Macs that support security, RSS, fast page loading, java and javascript, that you simply don’t need IE any more.

I guess the genius clan at MSN and Microsoft don’t want Mac users to be able to use a Microsoft browser on a Microsoft owned web site. Seems like shooting yourself in the foot doesn’t to me?

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