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Am I the Next Sysadmin of the Year?

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Probably not but below is a sampling of the comments I’ve received so far. You can vote for your favorite sysadmin too:

“Don is able to maintain control of the machines, while the machines maintain their control of us.” – JH

“Don can do it all and faster than anyone else.” – EB

“Don is a well versed IT guru who has successfully facilitated an office of attorneys using solely apple products for their IT needs. I ibelieve this alone would qualify, but will continue anyway. Don and our other IT manager Tim, set up a system of inter-office I chat so ground breaking and secure that our firm was contacted by the department of defese on how they did it.” – AKS
“For amazing IT developments, hard work and being so easy to work with, Don should be your sysadmin of the year.” – BRS

“Without Don’s magical talent with our system our world would come to a complete stop!!!! He is the best!!” – LCS

“He is extremely helpful and is always willing to take the time to solve a problem. We are a big firm with multiple branch offices – he services them all. He has a “can do” attitude and will not stop until an answer or a problem is solved. He is pro-active about solutions and always keeps abreast of recent changes and developments in software and hardware to improve our daily life. He is also an all around good guy who appreciates coffee and the occassional donut. He takes his commitments seriously to our firm and his family.” -AS

“Always quick to fix the problem… need I say more?” – SS

“Best keep the “computer compromised” guys and gals in line man arround” -JLS

“Don not only fixes our computers, he can help me figure out my iPod.” – SM

“Because he is the all knowing super geek !” – KW
“Don is exceedingly helpful both at work and at home. He is always patient with his coworkers, at a law firm, not many of them really understand what goes on with a server, it’s not a tech firm but a family law firm. He often travels to the branch offices peppered throughout Oregon and Washington, for he is the server guru for the entire company, wherever they may roam, and strives to make everyone feel supported even if they are not a part of the main office. He works until a problem is solved. This often means for me, his wife, that dinner is delayed, or a weekend day is a work day, but he cares about his job even outside of regular work hours. He is constantly working to create better solutions on his own initiative, and never waits for someone else to tell him what to do next. And after all those long hours at the law firm…he still comes home and will cheerfully help me out with my computer if it is being fussy. He makes my life easier by keeping the home system running smoothly, and it’s a joy to watch his hard work affect and improve the worklives of others around him. Sure, I am biased, but he really does give his best both at work and at home in terms of being the resident super server geek. I love my geek!” – CLSK

“Because he is my own personal SPAM blocker!!!” – AG

Hire a Consultant Who is Too Dumb for a Mac?

Monday, October 16th, 2006

My co-worker sent a link to me in iChat this morning which discussed an article written by a legal consultant. In the article the author discusses the intelligence of a consultant who can’t figure out the basics of the Mac OS, which I might point, out most schoolchildren manage without the assistance of their teachers.
Can you trust a lawyer who is too dumb to run a Mac?

And in the lawyers own words:

And don’t forget to check out the lawyers own web site, where he promotes his consulting skills:

Judge for yourself, is the Mac as difficult as Larry Bodine says? Also why would an “intelligent” man like Mr. Bodine buy a $4000 top of the line Mac instead of a more economical $1800 iMac?