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A New MacBook Pro and Windows

Friday, April 7th, 2006

My boss was very insistent that she get a MacBook Pro even though I tried to explain to her that some of her applications might not run at all. She didn’t seem to care. She needs something new anyway as her iBook is nearly 3-years old and has had some rough treatment. So a new MacBook Pro was ordered and today it arrived.

The Box is very thin for the new MacBook Pro 15 inch model. Once the plain brown shipping box was removed a familar looking black box was inside. Once this was opened some very artful foam packaging surrounded the new MacBook Pro.

Very thin retail box.

I believe that the extra-thin retail box packaging is being done to emphasize just how thin this new laptop is. It really is UNDER 1 inch thick while it still retains a full compliment of ports plus a DVD/CD drive. Many PCs achieve this slender form by resorting to external DVD/CD drives and such.

The magnetic aka “Mag Safe” power connector has received a lot of attention and some people I’ve heard comment “Why do I need that?”. Obviously these are people who don’t carry a laptop with them everywhere they go (like I do). I have never had my laptop go flying off a table because someone tripped over my power cord but that is only because I have very fast reflexes. I have had many people bring me their poor broken laptops to me for repair after a table dive. The magnetic power connector works exactly as advertised and its a brilliant piece of engineering all by itself.

My plan is to test all our applications on the system, none of which have been updated to “Universal” status yet, and then load Apple’s Boot Camp so we can then install Windows XP Pro.

More to follow…

I will have some screen shots and more details after testing but initially I can only quote the other IT guy who works with me: “wow, that’s insane”. 22 seconds from cold boot to the desktop.

NOTE: all pictures were taken with the iSight built-in to my now out-of-date G5 iMac.