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Yet Another Reason I Love Mac OS X

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

In addition to the several Mac computers my wife and I use at home and the home Mac OS X Server I also have two PCs in the house. One of the PCs runs Windows XP Pro and is my custom built Media Center PC (aka DVR). I use it to record TV shows from our satellite feed, listen to iTunes music in the family room, and to import image files from visiting friends digital cameras. The other PC is a dual-boot machine and it serves as our Windows gaming machine AND a Linux test bed.

I have run several flavors of Linux on this system but for the last year I have only been running Suse Linux 9. Recently Suse Linux 10 became available and I simply wanted to download it and install it on the system. Last time I did something like this I made the download using Windows, and then completed the rather complex task of burning the iso image to a bootable CD (or you can buy Nero and save yourself a lot of trouble). This time I wanted to try using a Mac.

I downloaded the DVD image from a Suse FTP mirror using my iBook at work (T1), then brought by iBook home and transferred the 3.5 GB file to my PowerMac G5 with the DVD burner. I added the image file to Disk Utilities list of available images (drag and drop) then clicked burn. 15 minutes later the DVD was ready. I went upstairs with the freshly burned DVD, restarted the PC, inserted the DVD and within moments the Suse Linux 10 installer was loading.

I have never had such a pain free experience when trying to download a Linux installer and burn it to disk(s).

The Linux installation was very clean too. No hassle. No complicated questions to answer (yes, I could have answered the complicated questions but it was late and I was tired).

This extremely positive experience was made possible by Mac OS X 10.4 and the good folks at Apple who design and engineer some really cool–but practical–computers.